Areas of application of the VINOCONT Sparkling Spezial 7.0 bar


In general, the Vinocont Sparkling Special 7.0 bar container covers all areas of application of the Vinocont 2.0 bar tank. An option with pillow plates on the cylindrical jacket for cooling and heating is also available.

In addition, it can be pressurized up to 7.0 bar which makes it best suitable for:


champagne production

  • The secondary fermentation takes place in the Vinocont Sparkling Spezial tank; the champagne remains – as in bottle fermentation – on the yeast lees and is then bottled – CHARMAT procedure
  • This allows for adjusting the champagne by means of liqueur de dosage, thereby increasing value and quality.
  • For the winemaker’s very own individual product – the product can be better tailored to meet your expectations.


production of sparkling wine and frizzante

  • Carbonation of the finished wine in the Vinocont Spezial tank via the gas inlet valve with 6.0 to 7.0 bar.
  • Then, the product is bottled with a counter pressure filler.


production of wines with a high concentration of residual sugar or Suessreserve (sweet reserve)

  • By pressurizing the grape juice by means of carbonic acid, nitrogen or other inert gases in the Vincocont Sparkling Spezial 7.0 bar tank which prevents alcoholic fermentation.
  • By stopping or interrupting the alcoholic fermentation by means of natural carbonic acid produced during fermentation when closing the Vinocont Sparkling Spezial tank.
  • For high-quality white wines with long contact to yeast (high sulfur stability)
  • To adjust the desired concentration of residual sugar or alcohol without filtering the wine and leaving it on the yeast lees.
    Fermentation can be continued at any time.
  • For safe sterile storage of wines with a high concentration of residual sugar or sweet wines.
  • The stirring of the lees–batonnage – can be performed easily by mechanically turning the Vinocont Sparkling Spezial tank.


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