areas of application


Pressurizing up to 2 bar (TÜV tested)

  • Transferring the vessel content from one to another or back to the barrels via pressurization with carbonic acid or nitrogen
  • Vinoconts are ideally suited for the removal of the many residues by means of pressurizing with carbonic dioxide or nitrogen
  • Sterile storage of quality wines varietals
Manhole lid DN 400 (16") with gas valve
and pressure relief valve



Jacketed for cooling to -5˚C

Detail: stainless steel quick coupling
system (drip- and run-free)


Heating and cooling jacket / Pillow plates

  • The stainless steel quick coupling system allows effective simple connections regardless of locations
  • Ideal for temperature-controlled fermentation of white wine and red wine mash (also under pressure up to 2 bar)
  • Stabilization of tartar up to -5° C

 Ideal fermentation tank for red wine mash and perfectly suited for intracellular grape fermentation.

Emptying of tank through the manhole via fork jig or crane; Vinoconts can be rotated mechanically.

Quick and easy emptying of tank filling without pumping.

Tank emptying by means of rotating jig

Discharge of juice via sieve drum       


Drainage strainer can be inserted easily (free-run juice, rosé, red wine)



The vessel volume can be enlarged by simply adding an additional top part (25-100 liters, as e.g. additional room for fermentation: After the fermentation is finished, the top part may be removed and the tank remains full.)

Best suited for small quantities from the premium selections of the region

Vinoconts are also suitable for the fermentation of fruit mash in distilleries.


Additional top part
(25-100 liters)

Mobile use in the cellar

Stackable and space-saving

Perfect size for easy handling in all areas of the wine cellar by means of hand pallet trucks and lift trucks
Vinoconts are space saving; up to four Vinoconts can be stacked on top of each other

Filling of barrique barrels


With 225 liters, the Vinocont volume matches the size of barrique barrels.

Transferring the content of Vinocont tanks is also possible without pressure or pumping.

The vessel may be lifted with a fork lift truck at any place in the wine cellar; in this way, the barrels in the cellar can be easily and gentle filled.


Sample port for wine tasting, via quick coupling


Standard designs - technical data

  Type capacity diameter total high
  liter mm mm 
  Vinocont 225 225 550 1455
  Vinocont 450 450 800 1460
  Vinocont 675 675 800 1910
  Vinocont 900 900 1000 1720
  Vinocont 1125 1125 1000 2015
  Vinocont 1350 1350 1140 1930
  Vinocont 2100 2100 1400 1990
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